SMART Patent Applications

Can filing a patent application be a SMART goal in 2017?

Yes, it can. Filing a patent application is a Specific action that is Measurable; you get a formal filing receipt indicating that your application fulfilled all the filing requirements and is now pending. If you are committed to working with your patent counsel, filing a patent application is Achievable. If you are trying to protect an invention that you intend to become commercialized, filing a patent application is Relevant, and if you commit to an absolute deadline on when the filing should occur, then it is Timely.

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Kathleen Kuznick is a Patent Attorney with The Lynch Law Group. She assists business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors with all things related to intellectual property and brand protection, including patents, trademarks, copy rights and licensing. She can be reached via email at Kathleen Kuznicki or (724) 776-8000.
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