Equine Law

The Equine Law practice group at The Lynch Law Group recognizes that horse ownership, both individual and corporate, comes with unique sets of challenges and legal questions. While there is no true definition of “Equine Law,” the phrase is generally understood to mean law related to horses and horse-related matters.

Current and prospective horse owners have various legal needs which may not be routinely addressed by practitioners unfamiliar with the equine world, including needs relating to:

Purchase, Lease or Breeding Agreements

Real Estate and Zoning Issues

Insurance, Risk Management, and Equine Liability Laws

Tax and Estate Planning

Corporate Formation

Shareholder, Partnership, and Co-Ownership Agreements

Business Succession Planning

Employer-Sponsored Immigration

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Transportation Issues

Divorce and Equitable Distribution

Attorneys at The Lynch Law Group combine their experience with horses and the legal expertise they provide their clients on a daily basis to provide equine clients with top-notch advice and representation, tailored specifically to their needs.