Alternate Dispute Resolution

The Lynch Law Group proudly offers world-class mediation services, assisting both individuals and organizations in their Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) needs. 

Since Fall 2022, a new rule mandates that most civil claims in Allegheny County’s Court of Common Pleas undergo mediation, establishing ADR and mediation as a cornerstone of legal practice. 

Before engaging in mediation, clients should understand how it differs from traditional courtroom litigation. Mediation is a solutions-focused approach that requires collaboration to reach a resolution. Clients should come prepared with not only facts and statements, but also a clear vision of their ideal resolution. Additionally, mediation offers the following benefits: 

  • Cost-Effective: Mediation occurs directly between parties, helping avoid the costs associated with expert witnesses. 
  • Accelerated Resolutions: Mediation bypasses the prolonged timelines dictated by court dockets and calendars in traditional litigation. 
  • Privacy: Statements made in a mediator’s office remain private and confidential, unlike court-settled complaints. 
  • Positive Outcomes with Creative Solutions: Unlike in a courtroom where a judge or jury’s resolution options are limited, mediation allows for decisions agreed upon by all parties, with a wide array of possible solutions. 

Beyond its requirement for most civil cases, successful mediation can achieve comprehensive and satisfactory resolutions, avoiding uncertainty, protracted costs, and the appellate process, while producing actionable results. 

Our office includes experienced mediators specializing in various areas and serves Allegheny, Beaver, Lawrence and Butler Counties. Additionally, our office boasts ample meeting space, substantial free parking, and a convenient place for multi-party negotiations. 

If you’d like to learn more about working with one of our mediators for Alternative Dispute Resolution, please contact The Lynch Law Group at (724) 776-8000.