Pittsburgh Business Insights | Episode 9

Listen to Episode 9 of Pittsburgh Business Insights with Guest Marek Hajn, Vice President of Business Development, IT-CNS, Inc.

Episode Notes:

This week on Pittsburgh Business Insights, Jacquelyn Core hosts Marek Hajn, Vice President of Business Development at IT-CNS, Inc. The two discuss the necessity of cybersecurity for any business, Marek’s experience coming to America from the Czech Republic, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hajn family.

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About Marek Hajn

Marek Hajn is Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of IT-CNS, Inc. and member of the Supervisory Board of CNS a.s. Marek moved to the US in 2014 and has focused his professional career on business development at IT-CNS.

Marek has BA in Bank Management and strong background in sales, marketing and project management.

About IT-CNS, Inc.

IT-CNS specializes in the design and implementation of secure file transfer platforms and custom software for small to medium size businesses in the financial, life sciences, logistics and medical industries. It also serves customers in the government, automotive and legal markets.

Based in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood, IT-CNS was launched in 1993. It is a sister company to the Czech tech firm CNS.

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