Pittsburgh Business Insights – Episode 6

Listen to Episode 6 of Pittsburgh Business Insights Featuring Chris Pentrack, Principal Consultant at Expense Reduction Analysts and Managing Director at Supporting Strategies

About Pittsburgh Business Insights:

Starting a business: three words that require plenty of planning. On Pittsburgh Business Insights, Jacquelyn Core, a partner at The Lynch Law Group, interviews Pittsburgh entrepreneurs and uncovers what makes business boom in the Steel City. Whether you are growing your own company, looking to improve your practices, or simply interested in the advice of Pittsburgh professionals, tune in for ideas and inspiration from some of Pittsburgh’s top business leaders.

Episode Notes:

Chris Pentrack is an award-winning entrepreneur and finance executive with a long track record of leading businesses across a variety of industries to financial success. He is the owner of two companies, Expense Reduction Analysts and Supporting Strategies, that help business owners get smarter and stronger with their financial management. In this episode, Jacquelyn and Chris discuss how Expense Reduction Analysts can help businesses strengthen their supplier relationships, increase profitability and improve cash flow by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of more than 700 supply chain specialists around the world.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn or reach him at (412) 226-0080, cpentrack@expensereduction.com and cpentrack@supportingstrategies.com, for more information about Expense Reduction Analysts and Supporting Strategies or to discuss an evaluation for your company.

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About Expense Reduction Analysts

Founded in 1992 and recognized as one of the world’s leading specialists for cost management, Expense Reduction Analysts works with companies of all sizes – from internationally established companies to nonprofit organizations, public institutions, and municipalities to optimize supply chain and procurement processes and find innovative suppliers and providers that best meet a company’s needs.

Through specialized expertise, real-time industry benchmark data, and practical industry insider knowledge for dozens of supplier industries, ERA extends a company’s ability to uncover cost savings beyond what could typically be found through in-house resources — with no compromise to existing supplier relationships, service, or quality.

About Supporting Strategies

Supporting Strategies, South & East Pittsburgh provides bookkeeping and operational services to large and small businesses using the latest technology to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll administration, and financial reporting.

Led by a team of former directors, finance executives, and CPAs, Supporting Strategies helps businesses in Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Westmoreland County, and Washington County streamline bookkeeping services by minimizing manual processes, and identifying and understanding key performance indicators.


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