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Probate Basics

Estates & Trusts

Amidst the sounds of renovation in our Southpointe office, our Estates & Trusts team walks through the process of probate.

What Are The Foundational Estate Planning Documents?

Estates & Trusts

There are four foundational estate planning documents that every individual should have in place. In this video from our Estates & Trusts team, our attorneys provide an overview of the core documents that serve to govern your wishes during your lifetime and when you die.

Your Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and Living Will provide your loved ones with the information and authority needed to carry out your affairs and wishes if you are unable to do so. At the time of passing, your Last Will and Testament will govern the transfer of your assets according to your wishes.

In the absence of these legal estate planning documents, decisions regarding your finances, healthcare, and final estate will be made by the Court, according to Pennsylvania laws.

Federal Gift & Federal Estate Tax 101

Estates & Trusts

In this overview of federal gift and federal estate tax, our Estates & Trusts team discusses the basics of gifting, including what changes to anticipate from the changing landscape of federal estate tax.

You can find additional information about gifting and taxes in this article: How Much Can I Gift? A Guide to Gifting and Taxes.

Green Cards for Family Members of Lawful Permanent Residents


As most lawful permanent residents understand, having a Green Card comes with many benefits. As attorney Blair Preiser explains, one of those benefits is the ability to petition for spouses and unmarried children to also become permanent residents in the United States. Green Card holders may not realize that they can petition for those family members even before the Green Card holder becomes a citizen.

You can find a thorough breakdown of the eligibility requirements, petition process, and costs associated with applying to obtain green cards for family members in this article: Reuniting Families of Green Card Holders.

Estate Planning Strategy: What happens if I die without a will?

Estates & Trusts

Attorney and Estates & Trusts Chair Charles Hadad discusses how your estate is distributed to your heirs if you die without a will in Pennsylvania.

June Never Looked So Good For Estate Planning – GRAT

Estates & Trusts

Attorney Charles Hadad touches on the key benefit of implementing a GRAT in your estate plan – passing wealth to your heirs free of federal estate tax and gift tax.

The Secure Act

Estates & Trusts

Charles Hadad discusses the SECURE Act and the 10-Year Rule: a shorter window for beneficiaries to take RMDs.

Building a Million Dollar Book of Business

In his first book, Building a Million Dollar Book of Business, Principles and Behaviors for A Successful Law Practice, Dan Lynch, Founder and Managing Partner of The Lynch Law Group, details the focused and disciplined approach he has applied to growing his law practice over the last 23 years.

PCN On The Issues, with Attorney Frank Botta


Frank Botta, Chair of Transportation Practice, interviewed by PCN regarding PA Turnpike law suit.