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How do I pinpoint a number that represents the value of my business? Is it too early to begin planning for a transition? Do I have the capital to begin planning? Can I maintain an active role in my company following my transition?

Laurie Barkman, Business Transition Advisor and CEO & Founder of strategic advisory firm SmallDotBig, has made it her career’s mission to answer these questions and more for small to mid-size business owners. 

Laurie visits Pittsburgh Business Insights to discuss her expertise as an exit planner and Certified Value Builder, the distinction between professional and personal readiness to sell, and her own podcast series’ recent milestone.

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About Laurie Barkman

Laurie Barkman is CEO & Founder of SmallDotBig – providing value creation advisory for mid-market businesses. Laurie brings more than 25 years of experience innovating and building company value. Advising entrepreneurs to achieve their goals means sharing what she’s learned as a CEO, Carnegie Mellon adjunct professor, and go-to-market executive in startups and corporates across various industries. Laurie is also a podcaster with remarkable insights from business leaders and thinkers on her weekly show, Succession Stories. 

Laurie earned an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, BS from Cornell University, Certificate in Exit Planning, and is one of only four Certified Value Builder™ Advisors in Pennsylvania. Laurie is also a certified Vistage speaker and presents value creation workshops to CEOs around the country. 

About SmallDotBig

Entrepreneurs don’t start and build their businesses on their own. And neither should they plan their exit or succession strategy on their own. When it’s time to move on and into their next personal or professional venture, SmallDotBig helps business owners get rewarded for their hard work when they sell.  

Laurie works with owners to set your path for success if you’re anticipating a sale or ownership transition in the future. That means increasing the value of your business and empowering you to begin your next professional or personal venture.

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