Episode 16 | J.D. Ewing

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From unconventional beginnings in his grandmother’s typewriter repair shop in the basement of a bar to unlikely growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, J.D. Ewing has helmed family-owned office furniture distributor COE Distributing for over 30 years. His key to success? Prioritizing his people.

Hear our 16th episode with guest J.D. Ewing, CEO and Founding Member of COE Distributing.

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About J.D. Ewing

J.D. Ewing is the CEO and president of COE Distributing, a national office furnishings distributor and manufacturer with a passion for creating inspiring work environments. Based in southwestern Pennsylvania, outside of Pittsburgh, PA, COE sources high-quality office furniture with forward-thinking, well-planned designs from around the globe.  

Raised in the family business, J.D. Ewing has worked at COE in various capacities all his life. In fact, when he took the helm in 1989, he was COE’s sole employee — directing sales, driving trucks, loading product, and learning each position inside and out. This hands-on experience at every level of the business coupled with a passionate commitment to employee engagement and development are the difference-makers for J.D. and the core of his leadership style.  

More than 30 years later, J.D. has grown this third-generation, family-owned business from its unconventional beginnings, as his grandmother’s typewriter repair shop in the basement of a bar, to one of the largest distributors of office furnishings in the United States with more than 100 employees. 

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