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In our 15th episode, we host Lloyd Wolf, longtime Pittsburgh business owner and professional EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer. Join us to discuss the extensive benefits of implementing EOS, the importance of peer groups for professional accountability, and Lloyd’s unique personal journey from engineering to consulting to EOS.

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About Lloyd Wolf

While working as a young industrial engineer fresh of college, Lloyd Wolf started a part-time side business in 1989. A few years later, he increased his attention from part-time to full-time and never looked back. In the decades that followed, Wolf Consulting LLC became one of the leading providers of computer support for small and mid-sized businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. With the help of great employees and industry peers, the company consistently grew in clients, staff members, revenue, and profitability. The company was and is consistently recognized as one of the top MSPs world-wide and as a “Best Place to Work” in Western Pennsylvania.

Lloyd sold his business in 2017, staying on as CEO for just over a year and helping to transition a new leader. In early 2019, the company celebrated its 30-year anniversary, and Lloyd celebrated his retirement from the company. 

During his 30 years with Wolf Consulting, Lloyd learned and performed every major business function. He also experienced all aspects of entrepreneurship – including some nice successes, as well as his share of mistakes, setbacks, frustrations, and sleepless nights. He also received many blessings along the way.

One of these blessings came in 2015, when a trusted business friend gave him the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman and introduced him to EOS. Lloyd and his leadership team at Wolf Consulting were excited by what they read, so they hired an EOS Implementer and began their EOS journey. They successfully used the EOS concepts and tools for the last three years that Lloyd was with the business, and the company still uses EOS today.  

Lloyd loves what EOS did for his own business and its positive impact on him, his leadership team, and his company. Paired with a passion for helping business owners and leadership teams achieve their goals and get what they want from their businesses, Lloyd now works as a Professional EOS Implementer through his firm, Achieve Business Services. Lloyd works with businesses as a teacher, meeting facilitator, and business coach to guide them through successful implementation of EOS concepts and tools within their organizations.   

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