Addressing the Importance of Mental Health in the Legal Profession

The well-being of our team has always been a cornerstone of The Lynch Law Group’s practice philosophy. Our conviction that a healthy team is crucial to our Firm’s success has been validated through our recognition as one of Pittsburgh Business Times‘ Best Places to Work. And it is this commitment that compels us to openly and proactively address the issue of mental health within our profession. 

The Stark Reality of Mental Health in Our Profession 

The legal profession is rife with stress, exhaustive work hours, and high-stakes decisions, all of which can take a significant toll on mental health. Despite this, the stigma surrounding mental health issues often prevents those who are suffering from seeking help. However, the tides of this taboo subject are shifting due to our society’s recognition that mental health affliction needs to be addressed, just like any other healthcare concern. 

Concrete Steps We’re Taking at The Lynch Law Group 

Being named one of the Best Places to Work by the Pittsburgh Business Times is both an honor and a responsibility. We take the health of all of our employees extremely seriously. One of the concrete ways we have demonstrated our commitment to our employees’ health is by partnering with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (“LCL”). Since 1988 this state-wide advocacy group has confidentially assisted thousands of Pennsylvania lawyers and judges, as well as their staff and families, struggling with stress, anxiety, burnout and other emotional and mental health concerns. We have asked LCL to come to our office every quarter to provide a four-part lecture series aimed at bringing awareness to mental health issues and letting our employees know that there is a resource where they can get help if needed. 

Why Leadership Matters 

As the Managing Partner and founder of this Firm, I consider it my duty to foster a culture that openly values health of all kinds. When leaders openly address these issues, it helps to destigmatize them and creates an organizational culture that is supportive and works better – for everyone involved. 

“I haven’t had any experiences the way that I have had with this law firm. This isn’t about credits, this is about taking care of you. This is the first time I have ever been asked to come back” – Brian Quinn. LCLPA. Education and Outreach Coordinator. 


Our commitment to team well-being is not just about winning awards; it’s about enacting real, meaningful change. We understand that it is our responsibility to show up and advocate for our clients, and that starts by showing up and advocating for ourselves.


Dan Lynch is the Managing Attorney and Founder of The Lynch Law Group.

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