Marijuana at Work In Pennsylvania

Members Of Restaurant and Lodging Association Seek To Understand PA Medical Marijuana Act

medical marijuana in the workplace

Frank Botta joined with Kathy Strain of Drug Free Workplace PA to present an informative program for members of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association detailing the impact of Act 16, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act, on PA employers.

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) protects registered patients from unfair discrimination in the workplace without requiring employers to violate federal law. It also prohibits patients from participating in certain high-risk activities while using medical marijuana and allows employers to ensure a safe workplace.

In his presentation, Botta explained that establishing case law in Pennsylvania will take years. He encouraged employers to train managers to handle MMA related issues with sensitivity and recommended they review and, when necessary, modify employee manuals and existing policies related to anti-discrimination, substance abuse and drug testing to account for medical marijuana status. He also stressed the importance of ensuring that job descriptions are kept up-to-date and specific job-related behaviors, expectations and performance standards are included in the job description.

Frank Botta’s presentation materials on the PA Medical Marijuana Act are available to view and download.

Frank Botta advises companies in a variety labor and employment matters. Please contact Frank at (724) 776-8000 or for more information on medical marijuana in the workplace or for assistance in understanding the current state of employment laws, rules and regulations.


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