The Court Time Foundation Hosts the Healthy Living & Giving Senior Outreach Day

Partner Charles Hadad Joins The Court Time Foundation for the 2023 Healthy Living & Giving Senior Outreach Day 

Charles “Chuck” Hadad, Partner and Chair of the Estates & Trusts Practice Group at The Lynch Law Group was invited to speak by The Court Time Foundation at the annual 2023 Healthy Living & Giving Senior Outreach Day. The event, aimed at fostering wellness and support for seniors, allowed various participants and vendors to come together and discuss their areas of expertise. Chuck was invited to share his insight on the reasons and necessary steps that need to be followed to implement a proper foundational estate plan and also highlighted the significance of specific estate planning issues that may arise for seniors. 

As people age, Estate Planning becomes more and more significant because it offers clarity on securing assets, managing healthcare decisions, and outlining future intentions. Because of its comprehensive nature, Estate Planning is something everyone should do with a qualified attorney to make sure that everything is taken into consideration. 

Additionally, with great purpose to aid in community outreach for local seniors, The Lynch Law Group and Chuck once again provided a free comprehensive Estate Plan to an attendee as the grand prize. The complete foundational estate plan includes: 

Will: A document that outlines asset distribution after one’s passing. 

Financial Power of Attorney: Authorization for someone to manage financial matters if one cannot. 

Health Care Power of Attorney: Appointment of an individual to handle health decisions when one is incapacitated. 

Living Will: Instructions about medical treatments in critical health situations. 

HIPAA Authorization: Consent for specific people to access private health records. 

The Lynch Law Group is dedicated to giving our community the highest level of service. If you have questions or are interested in understanding more about estate planning, Charles Hadad and the team at The Lynch Law Group are available for guidance. 

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