Curing Real Estate Title Defects – CLE Program

Man holding magnifying glass over model home depicting title search for property Attorney Krista Kochosky, Chair of the Real Estate Practice Group, will join with attorney Frank Kosir, Jr. of Myer, Unkovic & Scott, LLP to present the program, Curing Real Estate Title Defects, for the Washington County Bar Association Winter Bench Bar on March 11, 2022 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Southpointe. Registered attendees may also view the program via Zoom.

Program Overview

Part I – Introduction

Title defects can cause headaches for property owners and lenders in real estate transactions. Understanding the title insurance process can assist parties in preventing and curing title defects when they arise in the course of a transaction.

Part II – Curing Title Defects

  • Section A: Procedure for Obtaining a Title Insurance Policy
  • Section B: Considerations When a Defect Arises in the Title

Part III – Conclusion

Title insurance is often a necessary part of any real estate transaction. These policies exist to proactively protect lenders and title holders from defects that might occur down the line. Therefore, parties should pay careful consideration to the title insurance policy process and the potential defects that can arise therein when engaging in real estate transactions.

Contact the Washington County Bar Association for more information on the 2022 Winter Bench Bar, including the full schedule of seminars and registration information.

Pittsburgh Real Estate Attorneys

Krista Kochosky chairs the Real Estate practice at The Lynch Law Group. She can be reached via email at or by phone at 724.776.8000.

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