Attorney Chuck Hadad of The Lynch Law Group to Present CLE Seminar on Probate Process

Attorney Chuck Hadad of The Lynch Law Group to Present CLE Seminar on Probate Process 

Chuck Hadad, Partner and Chair of the Estates & Trusts Practice Group at The Lynch Law Group, will lead a CLE seminar detailing the comprehensive steps involved in the probate process, from initial notices to the final closing of the estate. The seminar, “Handling Probate From Initial Notices Through the Estate Closing,” promises to be a substantive resource for professionals aiming to enhance their skills in probate administration. 

The program is structured to cover every aspect of probate, offering participants updated information on probate court procedures and tax laws. Attorney Hadad, alongside other knowledgeable probate attorneys, will provide practical guidance on crucial topics such as the use of spousal elective share, addressing estate disputes, and effectively utilizing forms and checklists to expedite the administration process. 

Attendees will learn to discern the appropriate form of administration for various probate cases and ascertain the order of inheritance in the absence of a will. The seminar offers access to a range of resources for locating assets and obtaining relevant ownership documents, presenting a clear roadmap of the sequence of events leading to the estate’s closure. 

Emphasis will be placed on avoiding actions that commonly trigger malpractice liability, with insights into honoring or contesting claims against the estate. Participants will learn strategies for resolving liquidity issues that hinder timely estate closing and final distributions, and gain understanding on avoiding mistakes that could potentially reopen closed estates. 

The seminar is targeted at attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, accountants, financial planners, wealth managers, tax professionals, and trust officers, ensuring that a diverse range of professionals can benefit from the insights provided. 

In guiding attendees through topics from initial filing in probate court to the detailed process of closing the estate, including handling claims and tax reporting, Attorney Hadad hopes that participants leave with a comprehensive understanding of the probate process, ready to handle any challenges with efficiency and confidence. 

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