Chuck Hadad Will Instruct The Probate Process from Start to Finish

Attorney Charles B. Hadad

Charles B. Hadad

Chuck Hadad, Chair of The Lynch Law Group’s Estates and Trusts Practice, will instruct the National Business Institute seminar, The Probate Process from Start to Finish on November 30, 2018 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center.

Chuck will discuss tax reporting and post-mortem tax matters, including:

  • Final Tax Returns Timeline, Forms and Filing Procedure
  • Requesting Deadline Extensions
  • Income Tax Considerations in Probate
    • Selecting a Tax Year: Calendar or Fiscal?
    • Decedent’s Final Income Tax Return
    • Estate Income Tax Return
    • Tax on Income Earned by Estate after Decedent’s Death
    • Beneficiary Income Tax Considerations
  • Proper Use of Disclaimers and Valuation Discounts
  • Claiming Estate Tax Portability
  • Estate and Gift Tax Considerations – When do You Need to File Form 706?
  • Coordinating with Decedent’s Accounting or Investment Advisors
  • GST Tax Implications
  • Handling Common Property Tax Issues

The full agenda and registration information can be found here.

Chuck Hadad assists clients in matters related to estate planning and estate administration. For more information on trusts, wills, powers of attorney or other estate matters, contact The Lynch Law Group (724) 776-8000.
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