Tire-Chalking and the Fourth Amendment

Sep 21 2021
cars parked on both sides of long tree-lined city street

Last month, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued an opinion in a minor case that may have a far-reaching impact. The Plaintiff, Brittany Taylor, had amassed fifteen parking tickets, which began at $15. In each …

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Allegheny County “Happy Hour” Becomes “Happy Minute” in Judge’s New Opinion

May 11 2021
Allegheny County Courthouse

A recent opinion by the Honorable Philip A. Ignelzi of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas will have a profound effect on the way discovery is handled in all civil cases in Allegheny County. The case, Lau v. Allegheny …

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Analyzing a Major Change in Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law

Mar 02 2021

The Effect of Gregg v. Ameriprise Financial  Last week, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania finalized a major change in Pennsylvania consumer protection law that affects consumers, merchants, insurers, financial advisors, contractors, home sellers, and many others engaged in everyday commerce. In Gregg …

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Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Rich? What is Robinhood’s Exposure in the GameStop Saga?

Feb 02 2021

Platform Faces Scrutiny For Trading Freeze Last week, we shared an article about the potential exposure that some investors may have in the GameStop saga as investigations into whether an illegal “pump-and-dump” had occurred were in the news. This week, …

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Gaming the Market with GameStop: Is This a Pump and Dump?

Jan 28 2021

Will There Be Legal Repercussions For Driving Stock Price Up? One may have expected that the biggest story of the financial world shortly after a new presidential administration takes office would be the confirmation of the administration’s choice for Secretary …

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Health of A State: Police Power and the Stay-at-Home Order

Apr 27 2020
US Supreme Court

Are Governor Wolf’s Orders Unconstitutional? COVID-19 has affected so many lives that the American people do not know whom to look to for assurances. Every day there are updates from the President of the United States, as well as updates …

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Contractors and Coronavirus: Refunds of Down Payments

Mar 18 2020
person using dewalt cordless impact driver on brown board

With various federal, state, and local government officials in western Pennsylvania recommending social distancing due to coronavirus, contractors and homeowners may be wondering if they should go forth with projects that are already under contract. At the moment, the decision …

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New Lawsuit Seeks to Level the Online Gaming Playing Field

Jun 07 2019
online gaming

A recent lawsuit filed in California is taking the internet community by storm and is sending shockwaves through the esports and online content creation industries. The lawsuit involves a pro video gamer and his team, alleging that the Gamer Agreement …

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Crisis Considerations For Your Business

Apr 25 2019

Is Your Business Ready For A Crisis? Crisis situations often have unforeseen results that could jeopardize the critical assets, reputation and financial standing of a business enterprise. Crisis management is defined as a series of steps performed by an organization …

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Lynch adds prominent Washington County lawyer

Aug 13 2018
375 southpointe blvd

A name partner of one of the biggest law firms in Washington County has joined Lynch Law Group’s new Southpointe office. Roger J. Ecker is now a member of Lynch’s Litigation, Corporate and Oil and Gas practice groups. His former firm, …

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