Federal Court Throws Out NLRB’s New Joint-Employer Rule

Mar 20 2024
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On March 8, 2024, Judge J. Campbell Barker of the Eastern District of Texas vacated the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed joint employer rule. This decision by the federal judge means that for the time being, the rule created in …

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Is the Corporate Transparency Act Unconstitutional?

Mar 08 2024
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On March 1, 2024, a U.S. District Court judge in Alabama in a fifty-three-page opinion ruled that the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) is unconstitutional because it “exceeds the Constitution’s limits on the legislative branch and lacks a sufficient nexus to …

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Are You an Independent Artist? You Need an Attorney.

Mar 08 2024
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In the dynamic world of independent music, art, and athletics, having a dedicated lawyer by your side is not just a choice; it’s a strategic necessity. Independent creators, be they musicians, artists, or athletes, invest immense time and energy developing …

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The Basics of Magisterial Courts

Feb 12 2024

Magisterial District Courts, or small claims courts as they are sometimes known, are the lowest tier of the Pennsylvania judicial system and the ones with which most people will interact. Despite their colloquial name, nothing about the magisterial court system …

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Navigating the Law for Pennsylvania Drone Users

Oct 04 2023

A Guide to Navigating the Law for Pennsylvania Drone Users  In an era dominated by technological advancements, drones have soared in popularity among corporations and hobbyists alike. Yet, as with most emerging technology, there exists a gray area in the …

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Implications of No-Hire Provisions for Business Owners

Sep 27 2023
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Implications of No-Hire Provisions for Business Owners How a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case Could Change Your Hiring Process  Questions of the enforceability and the implications of a contractual clause known as a “no-hire provision” were recently resolved by the Pennsylvania …

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New York’s Potential Shift on Non-Competes

Jul 31 2023
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New York’s Potential Shift on Non-Competes What This Could Mean for Employers? The New York legislature has recently passed a bill that will prospectively ban all non-compete agreements within the state. The proposed Bill No. 3100A § 191-d is awaiting …

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The Growing Wave of Pay Transparency Laws

Jul 12 2023
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Estate Administration Basics Seminar Presented by Attorneys of The Lynch Law Group What Employers Should Know The push for pay transparency is gaining momentum across the United States. These laws, which mandate employers to disclose salary-related information to existing and …

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Driving Settlement Negotiations with the MCS-90 Endorsement

Mar 10 2023
truck driving through valley

Driving Settlement Negotiations with the MCS-90 Endorsement Originally Published in the February 2023 Issue of The Transportation Lawyer by the Transportation Lawyer’s Association Defending motor carriers in accident litigation when insurance coverage is nonexistent due to policy exclusions or otherwise …

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Five Questions to Ask if You Are Involved in a Defamation Lawsuit

Mar 29 2022
Upset man reading defamation on computer

Defamation is a nuanced and often misunderstood area of the law. Essentially, defamation occurs when a statement is made about a person that is both factually untrue and tends to harm the person’s reputation in his or her community. While …

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