DHS Final Rule on H-1B Lottery Process Will Not Impact the FY 2022 Lottery

Mar 04 2021
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In January of this year, we posted an article discussing the rapid implementation of the Department of Homeland Security’s January 8, 2021, Final Rule. The Rule intended to convert the H-1B lottery system from a purely random selection process to …

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Reuniting Families of Green Card Holders

Feb 01 2021
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Bringing your spouse and unmarried children to the United States can be a confusing process. As most lawful permanent residents understand, having a Green Card comes with many benefits. One of those benefits is the ability to petition for spouses and unmarried children to become permanent residents in the …

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Major Changes to H-1B Visa Lottery Process To Take Effect Before 2022 Filing Season

Jan 11 2021
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USCIS Rule Prioritizes Visas For Higher-Wage Positions Less than a year ago, we wrote about changes to the H-1B selection process in an article about the altered H-1B lottery process for fiscal year 2021. Another drastic change is about to …

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New H-1b Lottery Rules Will Save Employers Time And Money

Feb 05 2020
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USCIS Has Changed Its H-1B Lottery Rules For Fiscal Year 2021 Don’t miss the early deadline! In the past, employers wishing to submit H-1B petitions on behalf of potential employees subject to caps were forced to go through the entire …

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