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Key Contract Considerations When Buying A Horse


Don’t Buy Your Horse On A Handshake

You wouldn’t buy a house, or a car (hopefully) based only on a “gentleman’s agreement.” Although we love our equine friends and may trust wholeheartedly our equestrian neighbors, horses remain property under the …

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Major Changes to H-1B Visa Lottery Process To Take Effect Before 2022 Filing Season


USCIS Rule Prioritizes Visas For Higher-Wage Positions

Less than a year ago, we wrote about changes to the H-1B selection process in an article about the altered H-1B lottery process for fiscal year 2021. Another drastic change is about to …

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COVID-19 Deal Impacts


In Light of COVID-19 Buying and Selling a Business Now Looks a Little Different

While, earlier in 2020, we saw the number of deals plummet as mergers and acquisitions nearly ground to a halt, we have seen a resurgence of …

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CDC Guidance On Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccines


ACIP Recommendations Prioritize Health Care Personnel And Long-Term Care Residents

CDC Guidance On Distribution Of Covid-19 VaccinesThe Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has addressed and adopted recommendations by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for the allocation of the COVID-19 vaccine in strategic …

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5 Tips — Protecting The Photographer’s Copyrights Online


Photographers Are Especially Vulnerable To Theft Of Their Work

Unfortunately, artists of all types have their work wrongfully copied and used without their consent on a regular basis, and in this age of Internet and Instagram, photographers can be especially …

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Governor Insists Now is the Time to “Mask Up, PA”


Latest COVID-19 Orders In PA Raise Questions For Business Owners, Colleges And Universities

With the countdown to Turkey Day at just over one week, the governor has issued new restrictions and requirements following record-breaking daily numbers of COVID-19 cases that …

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Why You Are Not Too Young, Poor, Or Healthy For Estate Planning


Five Reasons Why You Should Have An Estate Plan — Regardless Of Your Age, Health, or WealthFive Reasons Why You Should Have An Estate Plan — Regardless Of Your Age, Health, or Wealth

You are Not Too ____ for Estate Planning.

Fill in the blank. Many young people, including young professionals and young families, believe that …

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Attorney Jacquelyn Core Joins The Lynch Law Group


Jacquelyn Core Will Lead The Education Practice Group

The Lynch Law Group is thrilled to announce that Jacquelyn Core has joined the Firm as Chair of the Education Practice Group.

Jacquelyn has extensive experience in higher education that includes more …

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The Lynch Law Group Comments On Proposed Rule Regarding Independent Contractor Status


Comment to Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Independent Contractor Status Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,

On behalf of the Firm’s clients, as well as the transportation and motor carrier industry in general, Attorneys Frank Botta and Todd Pappasergi submitted a comment to the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor (the “Department”) …

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Charles Hadad Will Instruct National Webinar on Estate Planning


HalfMoon Education Has Selected Charles Hadad to Instruct Estate Planning Webinar

estate planning seminar

Charles Hadad will teach fundamentals of estate planning, retirement asset planning, and business succession planning strategies as part of a continuing education program for attorneys, accountants, and financial planners …

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