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To Prenup or Not to Prenup

Jan 23 2024

There are two common reasons clients cite as to why they don’t need a Prenuptial Agreement:  “I don’t have a lot of money or assets; I don’t need to plan for divorce.”  “I don’t want to plan for failure or …

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Pennsylvania Divorce FAQs

Oct 06 2021
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The process of divorce can be stressful, complicated, or, depending on your situation, relieving or empowering. No matter what your divorce looks like, you deserve to navigate the process with the information you need. The Family Law team at The …

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Estate Planning After Divorce: Don’t Forget to Protect Your Assets!

Jul 21 2021
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Your divorce is over. Your marital property has been divided, and you know what assets are yours. You are exhausted yet relieved that the process is finally over. It’s time to relax and recover, right?    Estate planning after divorce is often neglected. It is so easy to become wrapped up in the emotion of the process …

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Resolving Custody Disputes and Co-Parenting Conflicts

Mar 09 2021
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Options to Keep You and Your Children Out of Court Custody litigation can be costly, both emotionally and financially. The court system, while well-intended, is adversarial in nature, and parties often have little control over the outcome. Children may have …

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Family Law During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 24 2020
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Resolving Conflict When Courts Are Closed Over the past few days, we have experienced a world that is closing down around us. If you are in the midst of a divorce or custody dispute, you may be feeling extra stress, …

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Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Oct 04 2019
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How do I find the right attorney for my divorce or custody dispute? Selecting the right family attorney can have a significant impact on the way your divorce is handled. With so many factors to consider, the decision can feel …

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Meeting With A Family Law Attorney

Oct 03 2019
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How to Prepare For Your First Meeting With An Attorney There are several things to consider when choosing a family law attorney to handle your divorce including the process options, geographic location of an attorney, online referrals, and personal recommendations. …

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Collaborative Law Recognized As An Official Practice In PA

Aug 27 2018
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The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act is Signed Today, August 27, 2018, marks the official effective date of The Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, codified as 42 Pa.C.S. §74, which was signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday, June 28, …

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Top 10 Divorce Don’ts

Feb 14 2018
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Divorce can be complicated. Balancing emotions, legal proceedings, children, and finances while navigating the divorce process can be overwhelming — and create room for mistakes. While no two divorces are exactly the same, there are common pitfalls to avoid. When …

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What Is Collaborative Law?

Jan 18 2018
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Did you know there is an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation process? It is called Collaborative Law. Let’s face it…No one wants to go through a divorce. Unfortunately, sometimes life does not happen as planned. Public perception regarding divorce …

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