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Estate Planning in an Emergency

Mar 08 2023
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Estate Planning in an Emergency How to get started, what to prioritize, and what you will need. Originally published by the Pennsylvania Bar Association In order to do Estate Planning properly, can involve a significant investment of time and resources. …

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SECURE Act 2.0: How It Could Affect Your Retirement Plans

Aug 24 2022
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There is a potential update to the SECURE Act on the horizon that could have a big impact on your retirement plans. Congress may often seem slow to act, but several laws have been proposed and passed, and they could …

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4 Documents You Must Have Ready Before Your Child Goes Off To College

Jul 26 2022
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If you have a child heading off to college, it can feel like there are a million things you need to get before they leave; from dorm room essentials, to textbooks, to a stash of their favorite snacks. But here …

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Planning for 2022: Tax Updates for a Happy New Year

Dec 13 2021
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With a new year approaching, the IRS has released 2022 figures for the federal lifetime gift and estate tax exemption, as well as the annual gift tax exclusion and others. Despite concerns that President Biden will significantly reduce the federal …

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Three Essential Steps to Business Succession Planning: Step 1

Nov 15 2021
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What is business succession planning? If you have been actively involved throughout your career in building your business and overseeing its continued success, thinking about retirement can call for answers to difficult questions. Your situation may involve a child who …

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Estate Planning Documents: An Overview

Sep 27 2021
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We have compiled a list of the minimum statutory requirements for the critical estate planning documents. In addition, our attorneys make recommendations for additional steps to take in executing each document. Last Will and Testament What is a Last Will …

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Estate Planning After Divorce: Don’t Forget to Protect Your Assets!

Jul 21 2021
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Your divorce is over. Your marital property has been divided, and you know what assets are yours. You are exhausted yet relieved that the process is finally over. It’s time to relax and recover, right?    Estate planning after divorce is often neglected. It is so easy to become wrapped up in the emotion of the process …

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Healthcare Power of Attorney MUST Be on Your College Checklist

Jul 12 2021
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Are Powers of Attorney on Your College Checklist? As one of the many families getting ready to send a child off to college in the next few weeks, you and your son or daughter likely have a long list of …

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A Look into the History of Pride and (Tax) Prejudice

Jun 30 2021
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While taxes might not be the first topic that comes to mind when someone mentions Pride Month, taxes were exactly the issue at hand when the Supreme Court held that federal level discrimination against same-sex spouses violated the Due Process …

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What Happens if I Die Without a Will?

Jun 10 2021
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Most people intend to have a will in place when they die, but many never get around to drafting one and eventually pass with no formal estate plan in place. If you die without a will, the intestacy laws of …

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