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Federal Court Throws Out NLRB’s New Joint-Employer Rule

Mar 20 2024
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On March 8, 2024, Judge J. Campbell Barker of the Eastern District of Texas vacated the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed joint employer rule. This decision by the federal judge means that for the time being, the rule created in …

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Feb 05 2024

In a pivotal move, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced a final rule on January 9, 2024, set to take effect on March 11, 2024. This rule fundamentally revises the guidelines for classifying workers as employees or independent contractors …

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Implications of No-Hire Provisions for Business Owners

Sep 27 2023
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Implications of No-Hire Provisions for Business Owners How a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case Could Change Your Hiring Process  Questions of the enforceability and the implications of a contractual clause known as a “no-hire provision” were recently resolved by the Pennsylvania …

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The Growing Wave of Pay Transparency Laws

Jul 12 2023
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Estate Administration Basics Seminar Presented by Attorneys of The Lynch Law Group What Employers Should Know The push for pay transparency is gaining momentum across the United States. These laws, which mandate employers to disclose salary-related information to existing and …

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2022 Most Cited Workplace Safety Standards

Sep 29 2022
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced last week at the National Safety Council Congress in San Diego its Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards for fiscal year 2022 (October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022). Fall Protection-General …

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Can a Full-Time Employee Work A Second Full-Time Job in Pennsylvania?

Feb 23 2022
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The COVID-19 pandemic forced numerous businesses and employees to adapt to remote work. After adjusting, many businesses found that they were able to remain profitable and employees were able to remain productive, though obviously there have been hiccups for both …

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New EEOC Guidance Helps Employers Navigate Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Policies

Nov 15 2021
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On October 25, 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated its employer guidance regarding COVID-19, “What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws,” by adding Section L, which addresses questions relating …

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OSHA Issues Highly Anticipated Vaccination Standards For Businesses

Nov 05 2021
doctor holding injection of covid-19 vaccine

On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA issued mandatory standards requiring private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing and wear a face covering at work. …

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Recent Developments to Highly Anticipated Vaccine Mandate

Nov 01 2021
man receiving vaccine

The emergency rule, being developed by the U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), remains under consideration. Reports have revealed that the highly anticipated mandate for private-sector employers will grant businesses the option to compel unvaccinated employees to …

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OSHA Creates Revised Handbook for Small Businesses

Aug 12 2021
two employees at work in a manufacturing facility

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently published a revised handbook on workplace safety and health information for Small Employers (250 workers or smaller). OSHA partnered with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health …

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