PPP and EIDL Replenished

Apr 25 2020
Congress Approves Replenishment of PPP and EIDL

$484 Billion in Coronavirus Relief Funds Approved On April 23, Congress approved a $484 billion bill designed in large part to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) programs. Initially, Congress earmarked $350 billion …

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CARES Act: The Paycheck Protection Program

Apr 08 2020
loan options provide relief for small businesses

Loan Options Provide Financial Relief For Small Businesses (Post updated April 8, 2020, to reflect the most current information about the Paycheck Protection Program) The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) is one of the largest stimulus …

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Force Majeure National Emergencies Require Decisive Reaction

Apr 02 2020
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Managing Truck Leases, Service Agreements and Corporate Leases Amid COVID-19 Pandemic As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into its second month, impacting our society and economy, companies are working tirelessly to adjust and are straining to stop the financial bleeding from …

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SBA Disaster Loan Available For Small Businesses Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Mar 26 2020
industrial workers and equipment

Businesses Are Urged to Apply For “Economic Injury Disaster Loans” Now The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced a new lending program to assist small businesses and private, non-profit businesses as well. Under the new program, the SBA …

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Tenancy by the Entireties: Asset Protection for Pennsylvania’s Married Business Owners

Jun 07 2019
smiling man and woman in business attire

Pennsylvania law gives married business owners some valuable options for asset protection that are not broadly available in other jurisdictions across the country. This protection stems from a joint property ownership concept referred to as “tenancy by the entireties.” What …

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New Lawsuit Seeks to Level the Online Gaming Playing Field

Jun 07 2019
man online gaming

A recent lawsuit filed in California is taking the internet community by storm and is sending shockwaves through the esports and online content creation industries. The lawsuit involves a pro video gamer and his team, alleging that the Gamer Agreement …

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Patent Checklist for Start-Ups and Emerging Businesses

Apr 29 2019
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In general, securing patent rights in your inventions can give you a competitive advantage in your industry and can make your company more attractive to potential investors or purchasers. Patent Basics A patent is a right granted by the government …

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Crisis Considerations For Your Business

Apr 25 2019
Crisis Management Considerations For Your Business cover graphic presentation

Is Your Business Ready For A Crisis? Crisis situations often have unforeseen results that could jeopardize the critical assets, reputation and financial standing of a business enterprise. Crisis management is defined as a series of steps performed by an organization …

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Trademark Checklist for Start-Ups and Emerging Businesses

Apr 12 2019
Starbucks drive thru sign

Trademark Basics A trademark is a word, phrase, or symbol which identifies and distinguishes the source of goods and/or services of a company from those of others. Customers rely upon trademarks as a barometer as to the quality of the …

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What GDPR Means For Your Cookies Policy

Dec 05 2018
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Your Cookies Policy Should Be Transparent and Comprehensive Cookies are pieces of tracking data that are placed by websites on users’ browsers. They serve several different purposes. For example, websites might use cookies to track whether a user is logged into …

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