Airbnb and VRBOs: Land Use and Other Hot-Button Legal Issues

Krista Kochosky National Business Institute CLE

Krista Kochosky, Real Estate Chair at The Lynch Law Group, has been selected by the National Business Institute to instruct several areas of content in its CLE, “Airbnb and VRBOs: Land Use and Other Hot-Button Legal Issues.”

Dates to be announced. Visit the NBI course catalog here.

Krista will teach back-to-back sessions discussing short-term lease agreements. Homeowners wishing to use their properties as short-term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) should use a short-term lease agreement for each reservation. Krista highlights provisions to be included in these agreements, provides sample short-term lease agreements, explains how drafting an agreement reduces risk for homeowners, discusses critical consideration outside the contract, and overviews the restrictions that may prevent homeowners from renting their property.

Course Description

Get answers to the problems that local governments, Airbnb landlords, and others are grappling with right now! You will learn the latest ordinances and enforcement strategies. Explore landlords’ legal concerns. Understand what’s actually covered under different insurance policies. Receive a refresher on core legal and tax issues surrounding the short-term rental industry.

  • Find out how various local governments are approaching regulation and enforcement challenges.
  • Evaluate host liability in the case of injuries, privacy violations, nuisance complaints, and more.
  • Discover what the host guarantee, host protection insurance, and other policies do and do not cover.
  • Delve into key provisions and language of short-term lease agreements.
  • Navigate easements, CC&Rs, and other restrictions that can prevent hosts from renting their property.

Areas of Content by Krista Kochosky

  • “Airbnb, VRBO, and Short-Term Lease Agreements: What You Need to Know”
  • “Use Restrictions and Enforcement: Leases, HOA CC&Rs, Easements, and More”

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Krista Kochosky chairs the Real Estate practice at The Lynch Law Group. She can be reached via email at or by phone at 724.776.8000.

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